The 10 mistakes you should avoid if you travel with children

To travel with children can be a lot of fun or  a nightmare, if you don’t take into account some details.
On this post I am going to give you 10 tips to make your trip an exciting experience for the whole family.

I am José Gómez, a Licensed Guide from Barcelona and father of two kids.

I have been organized guided tours for families with their little ones for years, that has given me a lot of experience of what mistakes to avoid if your travel with children. Also my trips with my family  has taught me a lot about this subject.

If you continue reading I am going to give you some tips that will surely be great for you when planning your trip with children.

1. Make a good planning of the places you want to visit, how we are going to get around, where we are going to eat …

A good organization will avoid surprises… to lose a lot of time in queues, in restaurants or get lost when traveling. Children do not like these kind of situations and they can begin to get tired.

2. Prepare a backpack with water, food and some candies (cookies, chocolate or similar).

Little ones usually get hungry or thirsty at the most inopportune time and they also need to satisfy their need quickly.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a store to buy them something, also if we are in the city center,  it is usually expensive. 

3. Avoid restaurants where you think you will have waiting for a long time.

Children are often very overwhelmed waiting in restaurants and more if they are hungry.

If you cannot find any restaurant, it is better to eat a sandwich and continue your visit.

4. Avoid walking too long.
Walking for many children is simply a necessary act of getting around and they find no pleasure in it.
If they notice that they are walking too much they often begin to complain of foot pain or that they are tired.

5. When visiting monuments:
-Do it first thing in the morning. Children are usually more receptive, also you will avoid large crowds and the hottest hours.

-Take  tickets in advance. You will avoid the unpleasant surprise that  tickets have sold out.

-Make short visits. Think that it is difficult for children to hold their attention for more than 50 minutes.

6. Negotiation is essential.
In times of crisis, make them understand that later we will go to the park or to the pool, it usually works. Offering them some chocolate also usually works (although from my own experience it does not always work).

7. Have parks and swimming pools located.

They are places where the little ones enjoy a lot. They will eliminate tension and let their imagination run wild.

8. Choose centrally located accommodation to avoid spending a lot of time getting around the city

9. “It is better to do little well than a great deal badly.”

If we want to do a lot of things in a row, we may feel frustrated and not be able to enjoy the opportunity to spend time together.

10. It is important to change the “chip” and be aware that our new reality is now “slow”.

Now I enjoy my travels in another way: I love seeing the expressions of my children when discovering new things … seeing those faces of surprise and excitement for me is wonderful. Traveling with an infant could be very fun!

If you want to visit Barcelona. I would love to be your guide!

I provide tours to discover this amazing city. They are tours for the whole family, not just for kids. I adapt my tours to the little ones and adults.

8 tips to visit Casa Batlló with children and enjoy it to the fullest.

I am José Gómez, a full time licensed guide and  father of 2 little ones who love to discover exciting things about Barcelona.

Children really enjoy  Antonio Gaudí´s buildings and Casa Batlló is one of his most original works.

Taking a child to visit a house of Gaudi is almost guaranteed success. The little ones love colors, shapes and fantastic shapes  that are very present in all  these houses that he designed.

In all the years that I have been working as a licensed guide, I have guided to hundreds of families with children through this monument.

I am going to give you 8 tips to visit Casa Batlló with children and enjoy it to the fullest:

1. Before entering, stand on the opposite sidewalk, from where you can enjoy an excellent view of the facade.

On the roof you will see a large stretched dragon with his scales. The façade is inspired by the legend of Saint George who saved a princess fighting a terrible dragon.

2. Buy tickets in advance and on the official site as there are some web portals that charge you an extra commission.

3. Make your visit first thing in the morning. You will enjoy it much more.

Inside the Casa Batlló the corridors are narrow and when many people gather, the little ones can become overwhelmed and lose interest in the visit.

4. When entering, let the children go first and leave them set the pace.

The whole house is a great surprise and when we go from one room to another. Little ones love to discover all these items and show us.

5. As you go up to the attic, you will see a transparent glass on the landings that when looking through them gives us the feeling that we are diving.

Gaudí was inspired to decorate the interior of the house in an underwater world.

6. When we reach the attic, a white spiral staircase awaits us that goes up to the roof. Children enjoy this spiral stairs because they do not know what they will find at the end. It leads to the roof.

7. From the roof you enjoy a magnificent view of the city and you can touch the back of the dragon!

8. Learn a little about the history and most remarkable points of Casa Batlló.

In this way, you can explain things to  children and together you will enjoy the experience much more.

You can find information in all the travel guides. The monument has audio guides, but sometimes you get lost between the buttons and the headphones.

And also… .you have me… .I would love to be your guide! 🙂

I provide private guided tours of La Casa Batlló that also include a visit to Paseo de Gracia, the exterior of La Pedrera, La Casa Amatller and La Casa Lleó i Morera, as well as many more surprises.

The price of the guided tour is € 110 per group (up to 9 people).Duration 1h20. The price does not include tickets. I assure you that we will have a great I am a licensed guide you will avoid the long lines.

Here you can read some opinions of some participants in my visits.

If you want more information you can listen to the podcast I dedicated to visiting La Casa Batlló with kids.

4 tips to visit La Sagrada Familia with children and spend an exciting time together

Children love La Sagrada Familia.

In all these years that I have been working as a guide I have seen many families with their little ones enjoying a lot discovering this wonder by the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudí.

It is the most visited monument in Spain and an essential visit if you come to Barcelona.

In this post I am going to give you 4 important tips to visit it with children and enjoy it to the fullest.

1. Buy tickets in advance (it is very important)

The access to the interior is limited and if you want to buy the tickets on the same day of the visit they will surely be sold out.

Buy tickets on the official site of La Sagrada Familia. There are some sites that sell them, but they charge an extra commission.

The ticket price is: € 26 for adults, € 24 for students and € 22 for seniors. Free for children under 12 years old.

2. Visit it early in the morning. (doors open at 9:00)

I know what you are thinking … that we are on holidays and we want to sleep! but if you continue reading, I will explain below why it is so worth going to La Sagrada Familia  soon.

You will avoid the hottest hours that in the summer months can be very overwhelming. Our goal is to carry out the activity in such a way that our little ones feel as comfortable as possible.
You will also  avoid the large queues to access the venue that usually form from mid-morning.

3.Plan well how to get there.

There are two metro lines that reach the monument (the blue and the purple lines). The stop is called “Sagrada Familia”

If you have a bad combination to get there by public transport, I recommend you take a taxi. Traveling by taxi in Barcelona is quite affordable. It is essential to have a good start and that the children do not arrive tired and overwhelmed by the rush and subway transfers.

4. Prepare the visit, you will enjoy it much more.

You can use a travel guide will tell you about the most important stuff: history, symbols and anecdotes about La Sagrada Familia.

La Sagrada Familia also has audio guides that you can use. They are a good option, although the little ones find them a bit difficult since they tend to get confused with the numbers and the explanations.

and you also have me :-). I would love to be your guide. My guided tour to La Sagrada Familia is a private tour, just for you and although it is not a visit only for children I adapt it to the little ones and adults, so that they can also enjoy it to the fullest.

The price of the tour is €110 par groupe (up 9 people).  Tickets are not included :€26 adult, €24 student and €22 seniors. Free for less 12 years old.The visit lasts 1h20 and as I am a licensed guide you will avoid the long lines.

I encourage you to visit this marvelous place you will surely love it.

If you want to know more about how to prepare the visit with children, I invite you to listen to my podcast: